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Get all the forms you need to legally change your name after marriage. Based on your county of residence, we send you all of the forms required to notify government agencies of your new marital name. You save hours of work and frustration.

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BRIDESNAMECHANGE.COM is a personalized bridal name change service for new brides in all 50 states. Within 48 hours of your order, we provide you with a fully customized set of all federal, state and local forms that you need to change to your new married name. Your kit will is personally prepared for you, based on your information, at the time of your order, by an experienced, bridal name change professional. Each kit also includes easy step-by-step filing instructions, plus real-person customer support.

Order today without risk! All of our marriage name change kits are unconditionally guaranteed. Each bridal name change kit is handcrafted, based on your personal information and county of residence, by one of our experienced name change professionals - within 48 hours. Because your bridal name change kit will be individually prepared for you at the time of your order, you are assured that your bridal name change forms will be reflect the current legal requirements of all state and federal agencies.

You save countless hours of time-consuming phone calls to government offices, and are guaranteed to receive the highest quality bridal name change forms. We offer real-person customer support. If you have questions, do not hesitate to email us fbaicu@bridesnamechange.com

It has been estimated that nearly 40 percent of new brides fail to file appropriate paperwork to notify government agencies of their new marital names. Newlyweds who neglect to accurately complete and file all of their required marital name change documents put themselves at risk. Each year, thousands of new brides encounter legal and logistical nightmares due to inconsistent driver's license records, passports, voter registrations, social security records and tax records.

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